Boracay Weather

As is common with most countries situated in Southeast Asia, the weather in Boracay is divided into two distinct patterns over the year; wet and dry season or, in Boracay’s case, the Northeast Monsoon or ‘Amihan’ as it’s locally known and the Southwest Monsoon or ‘Habagat’. Amihan is termed ‘high’ season on Boracay, whereas Habagat is termed ‘low’ season. Boracay is still a popular tourist destination during Habagat, as accommodation is often less expensive than during Amihan.

  • Amihan weather Boracay begins in November and stays until the end of May. The strong, warm wind blows onshore over east-facing Bulabog Beach, attracting wind and kite surfers alike, and west-facing White Beach is often flat and calm with a quiet breeze. It’s the ideal time to visit Boracay – daytime temperatures range from a balmy 25˚c (77˚F) to a tropical 32˚c (90˚F), making it pleasant for all island activities.
    During Amihan season, you can expect clear blue skies, calm crystal seas and cool pleasant evenings – the temperature at night can drop to 22˚c (71˚F).
  • Habagat starts to hit Boracay weather from June and lasts until November. Summertime is a scorcher and temperatures can go as high as 38˚c (100˚F) in June. Habagat, only really settling in from July onwards is the wettest season of the year, however, despite it being rainy season, the temperature over the months is still warm and pleasant.The wind direction changes – this can be as quick as overnight, or may take a few weeks over which it will finally settle. East-facing Bulabog Beach becomes flat and calm, and White Beach receives a pleasant onshore wind. Habagat also heralds tropical storm season, and the island can be subjected to strong wind and rain for a few days at a time. During tropical storm periods, temperatures can fall below 20˚c (68˚F).During Habagat, you can expect blue but cloudy skies, and a couple of hours of rain in the afternoons and overnight – it doesn’t necessarily rain all day, every day. Humidity is high due to the increase in rain and quite often temperatures don’t differ too significantly from those during the day.

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