Boracay Beaches

If beautiful, unique beaches are what you’re looking for as a top priority for your dream vacation, then Boracay Island is the place for you. Truly blessed, the pearl of the Philippines, despite being tiny, boasts over a dozen gorgeous, sun-soaked shores, wild rugged cliffs, secret coves and stretches of the softest, powder-white sand you’ve ever seen or felt. Which Boracay beach will you choose?

White Beach Boracay

The most famous of the Boracay beaches, this award-winning stretch of sand draws tourists from all over the globe to marvel at its extreme beauty. Four kilometers long and up to 100 meters wide in some places, this world-famous stretch of sparkling white sand is the Philippines’ premier tourist attraction. And for good reason…
The sand is so soft you’ll feel like silk is running between your toes. Because it’s so fine, it never gets too hot to walk over, meaning you can feel that incredible sensation all day long. The sea is such striking neon blue and turquoise you will gaze in awe every time you see it. And it’s so clear you can hardly see the water in the shallows until it breaks over your feet in a little splash.

Fringed with tall, swaying coconut palms and basking in the tropical sun, most enjoy sunbathing on the soft white sand of White Beach Boracay, topping up their tan, whiling the day away with a book and occasionally taking a dip in the crystal clear blue sea to cool off.

Or why not walk from Station 1 to 3 or vice versa, taking in the beautiful scenery of the ocean, observing frisbee games, dragonboat training and racing, and taking pictures that definitely need no filter? Not forgetting the incredible sunset, the view from Boracay’s White Beach is quite possibly one of the most spectacular in the world.

Boracay’s other beaches

White Beach certainly steals all the limelight, however Boracay’s other main beaches are of course worth a visit when you come to the island. For another fantastic sunset location, Diniwid Beach is nestled between two cliffs and offers several spots perfect for a sundowner.

Puka Shell Beach is the second longest on the island after White Beach, and is covered in an abundance of small shells and tiny white corals. Fringed with jungle-clad cliffs and boasting virtually no development, it feels like stepping onto a true Robinson Crusoe island shoreline.

Bulabog Beach comes into its element during Amihan season when wind and kite surfers skim over the choppy water – it’s world-renowned as a professional’s paradise. However, when the wind changes to the Habagat season, and the water becomes flat and glass-like, it’s the perfect place to visit if you want a touch of ‘real’ Boracay.

There are of course many other beaches to visit and some are only accessible by bangka boat. Each is different and unique, definitely making Boracay the Philippines’ premier beach destination.