Boracay spa: Bella Isa Spa

Tired from travelling? Weary from work? Wash away the stresses of your day-to-day life outside of Boracay, and put your body and mind in the right mood to enjoy all the other magical moments that you’ve come to Paradise to experience.


No vacation is complete without some serious pampering to help you relax into your long-awaited and well-deserved break. We at Villa Caemilla have chosen Bella Isa Spa in Boracay as our preferred spa, as we know they will have all your relaxation requirements covered. Just a few doors down from the hotel, they even offer in-room service.

Proud to offer you the luxury of a beachside spa experience, Bella Isa Spa has been voted ‘Number 1 Boracay Spa’ by a popular tourist website. Our goal is to give you a warm and genuine relaxation experience where you’ll feel at home, at peace and in trusted hands.

The moment you step through the door at Bella Isa, you will drift into a sanctuary of pure relaxation and comfort. You’ll be greeted with sweet aromas, exotic sounds and a complimentary cup of organic ginger tea before the treatment of your choice.


The hardest part of your experience will be choosing from our extensive menu of indulgent treatments. A tempting variety of massage is available, along with sumptuous wraps, scrubs, hand, hair and foot spas, facials and specially designed packages that are guaranteed to give you the spa treatment of a lifetime.

All our guests are treated with respect and skilled care. The Bella Isa staff has many years of highly trained experience and most are fully licensed practitioners.

We at Villa Caemilla Boracay island hotel and Bella Isa Spa Boracay look forward to welcoming you to your vacation.

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