Several travel websites and magazines have rated the Boracay Island as one of the most popular beach holiday destinations in the world. The small island in Philippines is also popular due to its stunning white sand beach. The region is surrounded with white sand beaches. Along with being a hugely popular destination for relaxation, Boracay is also emerging as a popular destination for nightlife and tranquility. Many tourists love to observe the changing colors of the sea, while relaxing on the white beaches. At the same time, they also have option to make the vacation more exciting by participating in a wide variety of thrilling water sports.

If you are planning to explore the stunning white beaches surrounding Boracay, it is advisable to plan the holiday during the dry season that starts in November and ends in May. However, you must remember that Boracay island remains hugely crowded during the dry season. That is why; you have to book a holiday accommodation in advance to your trip to save money. You can further curtail your lodging expenses by booking a beach resort in the Station 3, Boracay Island. Unlike the holiday accommodations located in Station 1, the beach resort in Boracay Station 3 is less expensive. However, you must choose the right resort by gathering information from various sources.

Villa Caemilla is hugely popular among international tourists looking for a pleasant and comfortable stay without spending a lot of money. The beach boutique hotel is located on the Sitio Angol Beach, Station 3, Boracay Island. So you can relax on the white sand beaches at your own pace and convenience. Also, you have option to choose from several rooms and deluxe suites according to your needs and budget. Each room comes with the amenities and facilities required to make your stay comfortable during the crowded holiday season. While staying at Villa Caemilla, you also have options to participate in several exciting water sports and activities.

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