Despite being dubbed as “Crown Jewel of Philippines” for its powdery white sand forming the shore of the sea with clear turquoise water, Boracay Island offers a lot of things than being “just a beach for relaxation”.

As majority of the tourists in Boracay are international tourists and the figure is growing with each passing year; the tourism industry in Boracay is also growing and looking forward to cater to various demands from tourists to keep them entertaining throughout their vacation. Some of these activities include Parasailing, Helmet Diving, Sailing, Diving, Jet Skiing, Islnad Hopping and many more. As the Island is only about 4.5 miles, it also helps the fact that the whole island can be explored by feet or by various modes of transportation available on the island (ATVs, Buggy Cars, Motorized Tricycles, Bikes/Bicycles) on rental.

Below given are a bucket list of activities, you should give a try.

Parasailing: The Parasailing adventure takes you to the beautiful skies while being strapped to a harness attached to a colorful parachute that is being pulled by speed boat. The faster the boat goes, the higher you fly experiencing the beautiful shorelines of the white beach from above. Parasailing is a great retreat for travelers who love heights and sky.

Banana Boat: A popular group activity in the island, Banana Boat is actually an inflatable raft that is being pulled by a power/speed boat and taking extreme sharp turns flipping the boat upside down. A banana boat can accommodate a group of 8 to 10 people easily and is extreme fun.

Flying Fish Ride: The flying fish aka Tornado Jet Boat is an inflatable hovercraft pulled by a speed boat. It is an exhilarating ride that lifts you up to certain angle in air and glides back into the water. Another thrilling activity for fun lovers.

Helmet Diving: Helmet Diving allows you to walk on the sea bed (about 10ft. below the surface) and feed the fish wearing a glass helmet that possible breathing underwater.

Kite Boarding: Thanks to the shallow waters, strong wind and reef of Bullabog Beach, the best kite surfing location in Asia provides the perfect cocktail of fun and thrill to kite boarders.

Jet Skiing: Perfect adventure to set your adrenaline on flow, Jet skiing allows you the independence to speed across the turquoise water.

Paraw Sailing: Paraw is a local boat found in Philippines with two outriggers and two sails. Paraw let you enjoy the sailing in traditional way while watching the beautiful sunset over the sky.

Scuba Diving: Discover a whole new world of beautiful corals, underwater caves, tunnels, ship wrecks under the vast sea with scuba diving.

Zorb Riding: Zorb is generally an inflatable transparent plastic ball where a person or persons get inside the ball and set themselves rolling on a sloppy ramp.

Cable Car and Zipline: Zipline includes a free falling pulley suspended on a cable, mounted on an incline. An user propels self under the act of gravity from top of the incline to the bottom in a sitting or superman like flying position. Again you are pulled up to the top of the incline with an open cable car.

Island Hopping: Boracay Island is home to dozens of undeveloped beaches, colorful coral reefs and snorkeling spots. Island hopping tours allow you to unearth the beautiful mysteries laid own under the open sea and get some more intimate and cozy moments for you. While most prefer paraws (local small boats) for a less budget, glass bottom boats or luxury sailing boats are also available on charter.

ATV Ride: All Terrain Vehicles provide you the liberty to discover the undiscovered ways and a visit to Ocean Tower for a 360 degree panoramic view of the beautiful island. You can go on a visit to Happy Dreamland and take few snaps in the Trick Art Museum.

Buggy Cart: Buggy Cart is mostly recommended for people of two or with child since it accommodates two people and is one of the best for touring around the island.

Sky Cycle: Perfect for a group ride, sky cycle let you ride cycles placed over rails high above the mainland and enjoy the scenery from high above the ground.

Horse Back Riding: Lets you discover secluded beaches around and amazing sites in Mt. Lohu. Relaxing, yet fun for groups.

Segway Ride: Make an expedition to the bumpy and rocky roads; enjoy the twists and turns along the way; visit the largest salt water crocodiles in Philippines on the electric powered vehicles without any noise or emissions. A perfect companion for a eco-tour around the island.

Bike Touring: Perfect for discovering hidden paths and sights or a visit to the neighboring forests, bike tour allows you to stumble against the beautiful Tibiao Waterfalls. Highly recommended for nature lovers.

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