Boracay- The paradise of Earth!

Getting indulged in a simple holiday or a vacation can be seriously exciting. But when it is spent in the exotic island of Boracay, life becomes really worth living for. While residing in this Philippine island, it is however also important to know about the best hotels as well as restaurants, wherein you will be able to get the complete true and authentic taste of this stunning island.

Have a memorable hospitality

Boracay is a place where you need to make sure that you are simply able to get the best for attaining a lifetime memorable experience. In case you are planning to visit this naturally exquisite place, here is a short list of some of the hotels where you can stay. ,Villa Caemilla provides simply best rooms and accommodation facilities that will ensure that you can also recommend their name to others as well. Please check out trip advisor for other recommended hotels & resorts in Boracay Island


Give your taste buds a good experience

Boracay is a place that once used to be quite like a secluded paradise. But now the island defines the phrase “Eat, pray and love” in its best terms. So to make sure you can let your taste buds get some enjoyment as well, herein is a small list of some of the best restaurants.


  • Real Coffee and Tea Cafe is a place where you will surely know the real Boracay light cuisine. This adorable cafe provides a basic yet really nutritious breakfast including pancakes, fruits or even French Toast. An espresso, when added will only make you feel better. Please make sure you will try the “Calamansi Muffins”
  • Aria Restaurant is yet another name that simply crops up when you are looking for classy cuisine. You can have lip-smacking Italian food or you can also have some of the tasty and palatable seafood.


Experience awesomeness in Boracay

So now when you know about the best hotels and restaurants get yourself a vacation in Boracay, that would linger in your soul for almost a lifetime. After all, when you are visiting a paradise, you need the deserving experience as well.

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