While holidaying in Boracay Island, you have option to explore more than a dozen beaches. Some beaches will provide your privacy, intimacy and seclusion, while others will encourage you to participate in exciting water sports like kite boarding and wind surfing. If you want to start kite boarding while holidaying in the beach capital of Philippines, it is a great idea to spend some time at Bulabog Beach.

The 2.5 kilometers long beach is located on the eastern side of Boracay Island. Despite being small, Bulabog Beach remains the water sports center of Boracay from May to October. Many travel publications have further rated the beach as the top kite boarding beach in Asia. There are also several beach boutique hotels like Villa Caemilla that help guests in enjoying kite boarding in a hassle-free way.

There are also many instructors who will help you in learning how to start kite boarding within a shorter span of time. As kite boarding is mostly about kite control, the instructor will teach your how to monitor the wind window, i.e., the 180-degree arc in the sky that the kite flies in, constantly. Further, the kite will drag your body through the water.

So you have to practice the kite as it drags your body through the water. You have to keep your legs together and head down, while flying the kite close to the water. It is also important to start out your run by pointing the board about 45 degrees downwind towards the kite. The reduced resistance will make it easier for you to get up. Also, you have to ride upwind to return to the beach. When you decide to return to the beach, maintain even power, while flying the kite low.

You can even make your kite boarding experience more enjoyable by picking one of the comfortable Boracay beach hotels. As you can reach Bulabog Beach easily from various parts of the island, it is a good idea to opt for modern and comfortable hotels located in Boracay Station 3.

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