Its stunning white sand beaches make Boracay one of the top destinations for relaxation in the world. Tourists from various parts of the world holiday in the small Philippine island during the dry season. But each visitor wants to gather information from various online sources to make his Boracay holiday more exciting and fun. There are also a number of websites that help visitors in comparing the hotels at Boracay Island.

But you must consider some additional points to choose a comfortable hotel at Boracay that is not expensive. It is always important to compare the Boracay hotels according to your holiday plan and budget. As you have option to participate in a variety of exciting water sports and activities, along with relaxing on the white sand beaches, it becomes essential to decide the things you want to do in Boracay.

After making the holiday plan, it will be easier for you to choose the right hotel at Boracay Island. Also, you must remember that huge inflow of tourist during the dry season inflates the hotel prices. So you have to look for hotels that are comfortable but not pricey. You can always save money by staying at hotels in Boracay Station 3. Despite being modern and comfortable, the hotels located in Station 3 are less expensive than Boracay Station 1 hotels.

You can always opt for Villa Caemilla to enjoy a pleasant and comfortable stay without spending a lot of money. The beach boutique hotel is located right in the Sitio Angol Beach. So your family members can relax on the white sand beaches and observe the changing colors of the sea at their own pace. Further, the beach boutique hotel is constructed recently.

So along with sporting a more contemporary design, the Villa Caemilla is designed with a wide array of convenience including wireless internet connection. Further, you will get huge amount of privacy and solitude as the beach boutique hotel is located at one of the quiet and private part of the white beach.

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