While holidaying in Boracay Island, international tourists love to relax on stunning white sand beaches surrounding the island. But you still have option to make the beach holiday exciting by participating a variety of water sports and adventurous activities. The Bulabog Beach is also considered as one of the finest windsurfing locations in this part of the world. The Bulabog Beach is located along the western coast of Boracay. So the beach rests directly opposite the White Beach.

After relaxing on the white sand beach and enjoying all-night music, you can escape to the Bulabog Beach to enjoy windsurfing. The unique water sports will allow you to enjoy the excitement of surfing, while trying your sailing skills. However, you can enjoy windsurfing the most under the most ideal conditions. Unlike regular surfing, windsurfing needs water that is much calmer. Further, the activity needs steady wind with predictable direction and velocity.

The seamless combination of water and wind make Bulabog Beach one of the finest locations for windsurfing. However, you must visit Boracay during the windy season of November to May to enjoy exciting water sports like windsurfing. You also have to hire windsurfing equipments including boots and harness from a local store. There are also beach boutique hotels like Villa Caemilla that help tourists in renting the windsurfing equipments without any hassle.

Also, you have option to avail the assistance of certified trainers to learn windsurfing. Along with teaching your how to windsurf safely, the trainers will further help you in picking the right windsurfing equipments. The small course will further make it easier for you to identify and avoid certain mistakes that can affect your windsurfing expedition negatively. Also, you need to hire one of the comfortable and modern hotels in Boracay Island to windsurf in a more relaxed and comfortable way.

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