As a hugely popular destination for relaxation, the Boracay Island remains crowded throughout the Amihan season. As the prevailing wind blows from the east during the Amihan season, the white beach is sheltered from the wind, while the water looks glassy-smooth. At the same time, the wind pattern also the reef-protected waters suitable for a variety of exciting water sports like kite surfing, kite boarding and wind surfing. So you will find it a daunting challenge to find comfortable and modern holiday accommodations in Boracay that are not pricey.

But you can always save money by concentrating on the location of the holiday accommodation. Despite being rated as one of the top destinations for relaxation, Boracay is just a small island shaped like a dumbbell. But the region is packed with resorts, restaurants, and bars. Normally, the holiday accommodations located in Boracay Station 1 are pricier. So you have to look for comfortable hotels located in Boracay Station 3.

Most hotels located in Boracay station 3 are constructed recently. That is why; the hotels sport a completely design and décor. Further, the hotels provide the facilities and amenities required to make the holiday comfortable for a modern family. The Villa Caemilla, a popular beach boutique hotel located in the Sitio Angol Beach, also features one of the best karaoke venues in the region. Also, the beach boutique hotel allows guests to relax in a great beach club.

Your family members will love to laze on the soft sun beds with parasols, while being served foods and beverages by waiters. At the same time, they can use the wireless internet connection to stay connected with their friends through social networks and voice chats. Despite being modern and comfortable, Villa Caemilla is still affordable, and complements the needs and budget of holidaying families.

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