Despite being rated as one of the top destinations for relaxation, Boracay Island is much smaller than other hugely popular beach holiday destinations. The stunning white sand beaches surrounding Boracay make it different from other beach holiday destinations. The international tourists love to relax and sunbathe on more than a dozen beaches, while partying hard during night. So the region remains crowded throughout the dry season. You have to book the holiday accommodation in advance to enjoy a pleasant and comfortable stay in the crowded island.

However, you still have several options to enjoy a comfortable stay in Boracay Island without spending a hefty sum of money. Normally, the prices of Boracay hotels vary their locations. The hotels and beach resorts located in Boracay Station 1 are pricier. These holiday accommodations also remain occupied throughout the dry season. On the other hand, the hotels in Boracay station 3 are inexpensive, despite being modern, comfortable and luxurious.

Boracay Station 3 was developed as the last section of White Beach. Most budget and native style bungalows were located in the area. But the relaxed atmosphere of Boracay Station 3 encouraged many enterprises to build luxurious hotels and beach boutique hotels. In addition to being modern and comfortable, the hotel Boracay station 3 includes the facilities and services required to make your family holiday comfortable. However, the hotel Boracay station 3 is still inexpensive, despite being modern, comfortable and luxurious.

Some of the beach boutique hotel Boracay station 3 like Villa Caemilla also helps guests in relaxing and sunbathing on the white sand beaches while enjoying their favorite foods and drinks being served by waiters. The hotel also allows guests to choose from a variety of rooms and suites. But each accommodation comes with all facilities required to make the stay comfortable for a modern family including internet connectivity.

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