Earlier people have adequate free time to enhance their health and beauty. But the busy work schedules of modern people hardly allow them to think about their health. The unhealthy lifestyle and habits of modern people also invite a wide range of diseases. So while planning your annual vacation, you must consider indulge in activities that will enhance both health and beauty. If you are planning to enjoy a relaxing and stress-free holiday, it is a great idea to visit Boracay Island.

Boracay is just a small island in Philippines. But its white sand beaches attract tourists from various parts of the world. The huge popularity of Boracay Island as a beach holiday destination can be determined from the fact that it is rated by many travel magazines as one of the top destinations for relaxation, tranquility and nightlife. While holidaying in Boracay, you will love to sunbathe and relax on the stunning white sand beaches.

You can even consider staying at a comfortable and modern beach boutique hotel like Villa Caemilla. Despite being located at the beautiful White Beach, Villa Caemilla is still inexpensive and affordable. As the beach boutique hotel was completely renovated in early 2014, it provides the amenities required by modern families including best free Wi-Fi, international food and personalized services. Also, Villa Caemilla invites you to spend some time at the Bella Isa Spa to enhance your health and beauty.

The Bella Isa Spa allows you to choose from Shiatsu massage, Swedish massage, or combination. You can also enjoy body scrub with massage, Hawaiian hot stone therapy, facial spa, hair spa, and hand and foot spa. The spa further deploys experienced staff to ensure that all your relaxation needs are met. The Bella Isa Spa further allows you to choose from several special packages according to your relaxation needs.

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