Despite being rated by many travel publications as one of the top beach holiday destinations, the Boracay Island is only about seven kilometers long. But the region is hugely popular among tourists residing in various parts of the world due to crystal clear water and stunning white sand beaches. The visitors love to relax and sunbathe on sparking white sand, and observe the changing moods and colors of the sea.

However, you have option to explore over a dozen beaches in Boracay Island, and participate in a variety of water sports and adventures. Each of these Boracay Island beach has pristine water and fine white sand. You can always start the trip by visiting the White Beach. The most popular beach in Boracay is just a four kilometers long strip of powdery white sand. In addition to sunbathing and relaxing on the white sand with a cool drink, you can further participate in a variety of water sports.

Along with the White Beach, you can also consider spending time at Puka Shell Beach, Balinghai Beach, Cagban Beach, Bulabog Beach, Punta Bunga Beach, Ilig-Iligan Beach, Manoc Manoc Beach, Tulubhan Beach and Tambisaan Beach. While planning your Boracay trip, it is a great idea to know the location of all these Boracay Island beaches. The salient features of each of beaches also vary. For instance, the rock walls in Balighai Beach make the area suitable for privacy, seclusion and intimacy, whereas Manoc-Manoc Beach provides the best environment to participate in exciting activities like snorkeling.

So you must shortlist the beaches in Boracay Island according to your choice of things to do. You also have several options to reach the spectacular beach accommodations including boats, ATVs, mountain bikes and tricycles. Also, you can consider booking a Boracay holiday accommodation located right on a beach to make your vacation more exciting and enjoyable.

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