Most international tourists love to relax on the white sand beaches while holidaying in the Boracay Island. As the white beach remains calm throughout the Amihan season of November to April, the visitors also love to enjoy a variety of exciting water sports. At the same time, the other side of the Boracay Island has both large winds and waves. The large winds and waves make the side suitable for windsurfing and kitesurfing. So a visitor can reside in any part of Boracay to enjoy a relaxing and exciting holiday.

ERooks_VillaCaemilla-Rooms_078But he must concentrate on the location of the holiday accommodation Boracay to save money. The island is traditionally divided into three distinct boat stations. Both Station 1 and Station 3 are considered as the tranquil sides of White Beach. The verdant landscape and lower population density make these two stations make them popular among visitors who want to relax on stunning white beaches. On the other hand, the Boracay Station 2 remains crowded throughout the year due to the open-air shopping centers, restaurants, bars and pubs.

You will find many holiday accommodations in Boracay Station 3 that are modern and comfortable but not pricey. As the Boracay Station 3 accommodations are constructed recently, they sport a contemporary design and style. Further, these accommodations are furnished with the facilities and amenities required by modern tourists. For instance, most of these hotels allow guests to access internet through the sockets. Also, some hotels like Villa Caemilla even allow guests to access the restaurant and the bar that are both cozy, and have a beautiful view to the sea.

A simple web search will get you detailed information about the affordable accommodation in Boracay. You can further book the accommodation online in advance to your trip. But it is always important to look for a beach boutique hotel that offers amenities to make your stay more comfortable. Villa Caemilla allows you to relax in a good beach club with many nice soft sun beds with parasols, while getting the food and beverages of your choice being served by the waiters.

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