As a popular beach holiday destination, Boracay is hugely popular among the tourists who love to relax on stunning white sand beaches. Despite being a small island in Philippines, Boracay is considered by many travel magazines as one of the top destinations for relaxation, and one of the top emerging destinations for tranquility and nightlife. So no wonder the region remains crowded during the Amihan season of November to May. The huge inflow of visitors further makes the holiday accommodations in Boracay Island pricey.

However, you still have option to find several affordable hotels at Boracay Island during the dry season. You can always save money by staying at the holiday accommodations located in the Section 3, Boracay Island. Unlike Station 1, the Station 3 is home to many newly constructed and comfortable accommodations that are not pricey. Each hotel further allows you to choose from several rooms and deluxe suites according to your needs and budget.

As the hotels are developed more recently, your family will love to stay in a modern holiday accommodation. Also, the owners have furnished the rooms with the amenities required to make the stay comfortable for a modern family. Along with cosy restaurants and bars, many hotels also allow guests to access wireless internet connectivity. At the same time, the hotels further help guests in participating in many exciting activities and water sports, along with exploring the local lifestyle.

As an affordable beach boutique hotel, Villa Caemilla is hugely popular among visiting tourists. As the hotel is completely new, its design, art and structure are modern. You have option to choose from different rooms and deluxe suites. Further, each room is furnished with the modern amenities required to make you stay comfortable in the crowded island. The hotel is also located right in the Sitio Angol Beach. So your family members can relax on the white beach sands at their own pace and convenience.

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