When you decide to vacation in Boracay Island on a budget, it becomes essential to consider several factors. You can save a huge part of your holiday cost by staying at one of the holiday accommodation in Boracay Station 3. Despite being modern and comfortable, some beach boutique hotels like Villa Caemilla are not pricey. Further, you have option to choose from a number of personal as well as shared transportation options to reach your Boracay Station 3 holiday accommodation.

You can use any online search engine to gather information about one-way transfer from Kalibo to Station 3 in Boracay Island. The cost of transportation will vary based on the location of your holiday accommodation and mode of transfer. The transport service providers further allow you to choose from both shared and personal transportation plans. But you can always save money by opting for tourist shared transfer options.

Based on your choice you can reach the Boracay Station 3 hotel by a bus, van, roaster or boat. After reaching the port, you will travel to the hotel either by a shared cab or tricycle based on the size of your group. Normally, a tricycle is used to transfer a group of one to three tourists, whereas the multicab is used to transfer more than three tourists. Many transport service provider will further deploy experienced staff to make your short trip comfortable.

In addition to saving your money, the shared airport transfer option will allows you to explore many small villages and towns on the way. So you can easily observe the lifestyle of the local people while passing through their villages and towns. You can further avail the assistance of the beach boutique hotel staff to choose and book the right transfer option while booking the holiday accommodation. However, it is also important to choose the airport transfer option according to the size and requirements of your group.

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