Best known for its talcum soft powdery white sands that lines the shore and pristine crystalline water, Boracay Island has transformed from being a provincial fishing island in the 60s to world’s best island in 2012, felicitated by the popular Travel + Laisure magazine. And despite being seen a swell in number of visitors as well as structural development, the natural beauty of the island still remains one of the top summer getaways of the world.

Often quoted as the “Crown Jewel” of the Philippines, the humble beach offers the much desired peace to a soul in stress. However not many know the most acclaimed tropical island in the world is made up of more than a dozen of beaches, as the names, Boracay and White Beach are used in sync with each other, later being the most crowd puller.

In fat it would be justified to say no Boracay vacation is complete without enjoying the unique beauty and flora & fauna of each of these beaches. And for adventure lovers, it’s like gold in heaven to go around and get a glimpse of these beaches.

1. White Beach:
The most spoken-about iconic White Beach spreads in a four kilometer stretch, is loved for its clear azure water, fine white sand, gently rolling waves and the clear beautiful sky that shines through clear sunlit blues as well as starry moonlit nights. Separated from the beach by a row of tall and green coconut trees, the beach offers a surfeit of accommodations, restaurants and shops.

Being stated “a must-see beach of the planet” by Yahoo Travel and BMW Tropical Beach Handbook publication, the beach is perfect for natural tan lovers, those love to relax the whole day basking under the sun, on the sand near the water.

White Beach Boracay


Traditionally divided into 3 boat stations, Station 1 (north shore of the white beach) is flat and shallow where swimmers can trek long into the waters where Station 3 is deeper and allows swimming in deep waters. Being tranquil due to less population, both Station 1 and Station 3 base tourists looking for a relaxing vacation. Station 2 stations visitors affiliated towards shopping, night life and music.

2. Diniwid Beach:
Adjacent to north of Station 1, Diniwid Beach is more private and stations a couple of private resorts. Less in noise and food choices, the beach is only 200 meters and can be explored by foot by the narrow path towards the limestone cliff. Most prefer to explore the beach for its stunning view from top of the cliff.

Diniwid Beach, Boracay

3. Puka Beach:
Named after Puka Shells with a glossy white or beige appearance, seen in plenty on the shore, Puka Beach is the second largest beach on the island with a 1.3 km stretch, also called as Yapak Beach. Ideal for picnic activities, the beach can be reached by boat, rented bikes, and mountain bicycles or by trekking.

Puka Beach, Boracay

4. Bulabog Beach:
Located opposite to the White Beach, Bulabog Beach is popular among amateur wind surfers and kite boarders where all of them gather during initial months of a year in search of pure adventure. Though water activities are available in the White Beach, adventurous people looking for a mad adrenaline rush can give themselves a competition here.

Bulabog Beach Boracay

5. Balinghai Beach:
Balingahi Beach is for couples looking for a perfect romantic gateway, secluded from noise with lots of privacy and intimacy. Tucked between Puka and Diniwid, the beach is loved by avid snorkelers for its rich marine life and corals found a few meters into the waters.

Balinghai Beach, Boracay

6. Lapus Lapus Beach:
Lapus Lapus Beach is utterly lonely and tricky to reach. But it’s totally worth a trip if you would not like to share your beach with anybody else.

Lapus Lapus Beach, Boracay

7. Cagban Beach:
Semi-secluded and not so popular Cagban Beach is for adventurers looking for treasure hunt according to locals. The beach is great for relaxing and strolling.

Cagban Beach, Boracay

8. Tulubhan Beach:
Lie south of the Bulabog Beach, Tulubhan Beach is really tranquil and stations some local villages on the shore. Visited most in February and March, the beach is popular for relaxing because of its old vegetation and taking a off from the popular White Beach.


9. Tambisaan Beach:
The south eastern tip of the island, passed by visitors arriving from Caticlan Jetty Port to White Beach, Tambisaan Beach is famous for its coral gardens and snorkeling.

Tambisaan Beach, Boracay

10. Manoc-Manoc Beach:
Located south to the Boracay Island, locals can be seen swimming or picking sea urchins during low tide. Mano-Manoc Beach resides many eateries where tourists can have some local food and beverages.

Manoc-Manoc Beach, Boracay

11. Lugutan Beach:
Opposite to Station 3, Lagutan Beach is a docking station for boats plying between the island and nearby Caticlan Jetty.

Lugutan Beach, Boracay

12. Ilig-Iligan Beach:
Located on the north-eastern part of the island, tourists can reach here by foot or by joining an island hopping trip for snorkeling.

Ilig Iligan Beach, Boracay

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