Every place on Earth witness sunrise, but the one in Boracay is awe-inspiring, how about a visiting Boracay to see the most magnificent early morning? Just book your tickets and fly across to Boracay Islands, very near to Philippines and it promises a wonderful retreat to each person visiting. Stay enchanted and surprised always. Awesome places in Boracay, would bring in a thought to stay there forever.

The enchanting Beach – spend some time alone with the breeze

The beaches are not just the about the sand and wavy water, here in Boracay, its termed the next paradise indeed. Just spend some lonely time in here to feel the depth of life, powdered sand on these beaches, namely Yapak beach, also commonly known as the puka shell beach and the most awesome white beach, named so for its white powdery sand with awesome green waves due to the searock formation. Take a banca ride to reach this superb beach and enjoy enriching your beautiful vacation in here. Diniwad beach, the unique place which has Cliffside path which connects this beach to the white beach as well. Manoc-Manoc and Balinghai beaches are the other few famous beaches, which are pretty interesting places that has secluded coves that are more beautiful.

Witness Bats here – Bat caves

Enough of watching the bats in cartoon and channels, see them in real only in the secluded bat caves. Stay awake, see them flying all around the white beach. It is one of the oldest caves in Boracay, which is the most visited places by the visitors. It is the best place to click awesome pictures and jump out in happiness.

Jump in here, enjoy the adventure version of yourself!

Adventure has no age limit in Boracay, try every adventurous activity in here at Boracay, try the most enchanting adventure activity, the scuba diving, where you can jump deep into the beach and meet the creatures underwater. Wave a hello and have the best time, it is definitely one of the best time spent in your vacation trips throughout your lifetime. Take your family and friends along with you and enjoy the best trip of your life.

Tour around in the custom boat

Jump into the boat with your close knit family members or friends to see the complete sheet of Boracay Island in one view. Every farther end of the Island that cannot be reached pretty easily can be seen via the boat ride. Nature looks at its best, when you travel alongside of the beach to see the overflow of beauty.

A lot more than just you – kite boarding and skim boarding

Why live life ordinary when you can spice it more? – Take the leap right away, book your tickets to Boracay, the heavenly place.

Try the various options in every beach here, which includes the kite boarding, where you can fly over the beaches. Skim boarding is for the kids who would love to ride the safer ones.

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