Geographically, the Boracay is one of the smaller tropical islands in Philippines. The narrowest point of the Boracay Island is just seven kilometers long and less than one kilometer wide. But the tropical beach paradise is rated by many travel magazines and websites as one of the most popular beach holiday destinations on the earth due to the surrounding white sand beaches. The postcard-sized tropical paradise remains crowded during the dry season of November to April. During the season, tourists from various parts of the world love to relax on the white sand beaches that surround Boracay.

The visitors also have option to stay in three distinct sections to explore the beach town. The northernmost section is regarded as Station 1. It has the widest beach front, where most of the expensive hotels and resorts in Boracay are located. The Station 2 consists of the central area of the island. The visiting tourists spend time in this section to eat, party and shop. The Station 3 consists of the southernmost section of the beach that looks quieter. You will find many affordable hotels in Boracay in the quieter area.

There are always chances that you may find it a daunting task to book affordable hotels in Boracay during the dry season. But you can always check the hotels located in the southernmost section of the white beach to find affordable accommodation without paying hefty prices. Villa Caemilla, a popular beach boutique hotel, is located right in the in the Sitio Angol Beach, Station 3. The hotel is hugely popular among international tourists who look for the most comfortable yet affordable hotel. The hotel allows you to choose from several rooms and deluxe suites. Also, you will get the facilities and amenities required to make your stay comfortable and pleasant in a crowded beach city.

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