Many travel publications have rated Boracay Island as one of the top destinations for relaxations. People from various parts of the world visit the small island in Boracay to relax on stunning white sand beaches. However, the inflow of tourists into Boracay varies according to the seasonal weather patterns. The region remains crowded throughout the dry season of November to May. So visitors often find it a daunting task to find affordable holiday accommodations in Boracay during the dry season.

If you are looking for affordable holiday accommodations in Boracay, it is important to concentrate on the location of the property. Normally, most visitors love to stay at the hotels located in the Boracay Station 1. So the Station 1 Boracay hotels are pricey. But you can always save money by staying at the Station 3 Boracay hotels. Despite being modern and comfortable, the hotels located in Station 3 Boracay are inexpensive.

As the Station 3 Boracay hotels are constructed more recently, they sport a contemporary art and design. Further, these holiday accommodations allow visitors to enjoy several amenities including internet connection. You can even opt for a hotel that offers personal service, along with restaurant and bar with view to the sea. Many hotels even provide nice soft sun beds with parasols that allow guests to order food and drinks while relaxing on the white sand beach.

However, it is always important to opt for a Station 3 Boracay hotel that is located right in the beach. Yu can always consider staying a Villa Caemilla to enjoy a pleasant and comfortable stay without spending a lot of money. The holiday accommodation is located right in the Sitio Angol Beach, Station 3, Boracay Island. So your family can relax on the white sand beaches whenever they like. Also, the accommodation is completely new, and provides all the facilities required to provide a pleasant and comfortable stay to modern families.

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