Each person wants to say “I do” in the most romantic way. The natural beauty and pleasant weather of beaches create the most romantic setting for weddings. Along with being hugely popular destination for relaxation, tranquility and nightlife, Boracay Island has also emerged as one of the perfect beach wedding destinations. Some couples even love to spend several days with their friends and family in a naturally elegant and mesmerizing location.

Despite being a small island in Philippines, Boracay remains crowded with international tourists throughout the dry season. The pleasant wind pattern in the dry season also creates a pleasant setting for weddings. The couples also have option to choose from a range of beach wedding themes according to the season and time their wedding.

 Unlike other popular beach wedding locations, Boracay is inexpensive and affordable. The couple can obtain food, drinks and decoration without spending a lot of money. The stunning white sand beaches and natural surroundings will further make the venue adequately decorative. Also, the couple can entertain their guests by serving a variety of local Filipino cuisines and sea food.

As Boracay is a small island, the couple can make all wedding arrangements without any hassle. They can further hire the friendly local people to complete the decoration within a short span of time. At the same time, they can also hire a seasoned wedding planner to organize the beach wedding in Boracay Island without putting any effort.

The couple can further spend several days in Boracay without spending a lot of money. They have option to choose from a variety of holiday accommodations. Also, they can consider staying at a beach boutique hotel to enjoy a pleasant and comfortable stay while availing personalized services. Despite being one of the most comfortable and modern Boracay Station 3 hotels, Villa Caemilla is still inexpensive and affordable. The guests further have option to access all modern facilities required to make the beach wedding memorable.

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