If you are looking for an isolated Island away from your place to relax and have fun with nature, the one-stop place on Earth is Boracay Island, One of the most remarkable beaches ever in the world. It is very near Philippines, one of the most loved tourist spots. Well known for the powdered sand; it is indeed one of the most desired places in and around Philippines. It has an awe-inspiring place called Ariel’s point that is one of the most adventurous places on Boracay Island that also has an impressive boat ride to enchant the visitors.

A lot more than just an Island – Boracay

There are seven unique places in Boracay, usually termed as the “7 wonders of Malay” which is a must visit for all those who visit here. Each place is different and covers most parts of the Boracay Island. These seven areas are the boosting ads to bring in more tourists to choose Boracay.

An array of places to visit in this life

Connects nature with humans

First on the list is Malay Ecological Park – it is one of the most attractive part of Boracay, visited by people who fall under any age group. It has a botanical garden and butterfly garden to spend leisure time with family members. Those who love the tricycle rides can use this chance to reach the place, it is a magnificent park that appeals the kids and toddlers. It also has a tree house, ideal for clicking natural pictures.

A rush of white clouds indeed

Next on the list is for adventure enthusiasts, who love waterfalls. The Nagata falls – one prime attraction in here, it would take almost hours to reach, but, is one of the most fantasizing falls.

Visit the ancestors

Wildlife lovers would love to visit the Pangihan caves in here, which is one of the widest wildlife sanctuary with eight chambers and the formations engraved on the roof and other parts of the walls.

Answer the adventure call

If you are an excellent swimmer, here is the chance to explore the adventurous Naasug point which avails activities like diving and swimming. Dive in, try the rides and stay enchanted about the fun for your lifetime.

Waterfalls again with a distinction

Next is the Agnaga falls that is awe-inspiring during the cold springs. It is one of the most visited places during the summer season of other countries.


Local Boracay – a warm welcome

If falls and wildlife doesn’t enchant the introverts in your troop, visit the Nabaoy River with them. It is the cleanest river, ideal for nature photography. It is one spot where natural hiking is possible, check your stamina in here. This Riverside, you can find a lot of native huts and the local people who welcome visitors with great enthusiasm. You can try various dishes and talk to those in here, to understand their lifestyle. It would be a great learning about the culture practiced.

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