World’s almost all international travel publications including Travel + Leisure, Trip Advisor, Yahoo Travel, CNN IBN; have voted Boracay Island as one of the top sea gateways for relaxation, tranquility and nightlife. According to these publications, Boracay vacation include relaxing and sunbathing on stunning white sand beaches during the day time and party hard during the night. Activities on the island include swimming, snorkeling, ferry rides, sky surfing, island hopping etc. along with spending time with the friendly and courteous locals.

However, there is another thing in Boracay Island that hasn’t yet been reported by many. Being located in the sea, the island offers a variety of sea food with culinary of its own that leaves your buds tingling for the dishes for long. So check out some of these finest street foods you can have at Boracay:

King Corn: In the evening while taking a stroll in the shore lines, these giant corns dipped in salt and butter to the entire cob, is surely a treat for a hungry soul. If you don’t feel like eating a whole, bite-sized cups are also available. And the whole corn roughly comes in 50 peso (1.23 AUD or 1.14 USD) to accompany you through the troll.corn

BBQ: Likewise, you can spend some time at the smoky BBQ open-air stalls where the savory smells of soy seasoning, chillies, fried pork fat and gizzard add to the voluminous smoke of charcoal fire enough to surrender a hungry traveler to its glory. Here you can try delicious grilled manok (chicken), juicy chicken feet, tender fatty pork, gizzard, liver and red meat in very reasonable price and request the stall owner for your bread to be barbequed too.

Coconut Bibingka: Coconut Bibingka is a pudding, made up of butter, flour egg, sugar and the most important; coconut milk. Baked to moist texture, the tender soft pudding is a rip away from your hands and an absolute

Chorizo Burger: Also available at those open-air BBQ stands, Chorizo Burger is the choice of travelers for almost a decade. Chorizo tucked in a bun, loaded with spicy-sweet sauce, is a simple, but legendary food of Boracay.burger

Balut: Whether lying on the beach, basking under the sun or sipping a cocktail, you are bound to hear the word “Balut”, locals selling on the beach. Balut, a fertilized egg with a partially developed embryo, often feared by people, tastes rich when sprinkled with a little salt and vinegar. However, you can avoid eating the chick if you would like. But the rich bright and juicy yellow yolk is a pure bliss.

Sago At Gulaman: Available at hawker stalls around the beach, it is served in plastic cups with a straw. Made up of aagr-agar, sago, crushed ice, water and sugar, the drink is quite refreshing and serves as a dessert. Served best with chilled ice, the drink costs as much as 40 pesos.cold-drink

Fruit Cornucopia: Often carried by beautiful ladies from the mainland of Phillipines in the day time, travelers can enjoy a fruit delight of mangoes, mangosteens, papaya, rambutan, star apples, and green mangoes in Boracay. Though little expensive being transported from the mainland, it’s worth an expense to give a try to these fruits.

Buko (Coconut) Juice: Freshly picked, the massive coconuts can easily quench the thirst, while it’s fun to walk around sucking their juice. coconut

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